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This page is kept here for historic reasons. The system was originally built and sold in 2004. Since then it has been superceded by other, faster systems. is a low power remote monitoring and control system using standard GSM text (SMS) messaging to monitor and control remote equipment from a standard mobile phone. The system is designed to allow unattended operation of equipment and transmission of fault alarms as well as status reports on demand.

The system power consumption is sufficiently low (typically less than 0.5 watt) that it can be powered by solar, battery or other low voltage, low capacity DC supplies. AC powered versions are also available.

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The first tel-me family product to be released is a simple monitoring and control system that uses a standard mobile phone over the GSM network. The system is operator independent and can be used to or from anywhere in the world. Future additions to the range will include interfaces and software that will allow operation from PDA (personal digital assistant) and PC (personal computer) devices via a GSM modem or connected mobile phone.

The basic system comprises of 4 elements:

Communication is by means of simple text messages in a special format that allows a high degree of security (up to 6 digit PIN) whilst allowing a flexible naming system for monitored and controlled functions.



Future developments will include PC and PDA Versions as well as expanded capacity versions for monitoring and controlling larger installations. GPS versions are planned for remote tracking of moving vehicles and equipment. GPRS will eventually be used for faster data transfer (no SMS latency). Even lower power consumption versions will also become available.

Updated 16/04/2004